Non Contrast CT Scan of the Brain and Petrous-Temporal bone


Non Contrast CT Scan of the Brain and Petrous-Temporal bone


Protocol: 5mm thick cuts of the brain and 1mm thick cuts of the petrous temporal bone without contrast


Cerebral hemisphere appear normal for the age .

Grey / white demarcation is preserved.

Ventricular system is normal for the age.

No acute haemorrhages or infarctions.

No mid line shift.

No extra axial fluid collections.

Visualized para-nasal sinuses are clear

The petrous pyramids are normally developed and symmetrical. They have smooth, intact cortical margins and a normal trabecular structure.

The internal auditory canal is smooth and sharply defined on each side, with normal shape and diameter. The cochlea and semi-circular canals appear normal.

The jugular foramina appear normal and no mass lesion is seen in soft tissue window.

The mastoid air cells are normally developed, clear and pneumatized.

Their bony walls are of normal thickness. The tympanic cavity is normally developed, and the auditory ossicles have a normal appearance.

Configuration of the cerebello-pontine angle area on each side is normal, with clear delineation of the cerebello-pontine angle cistern.

The brain stem has normal configuration and CT density.

The external auditory canal appears normal on each side.

Other visualized portions of the neurocranium show no abnormalities.


  • Normal NCCT Brain and Petrous-temporal bone