Protocol: 120 ml IV iodinated contrast (5ml/s) administered. Images taken with bolus tracking technique


Aorta appears normal in caliber in ascending (cm), arch (cm), descending thoracic (cm) and abdominal (cm) regions. Aortic diameter at the level of coeliac axis and superior mesenteric arteries are cm and cm respectively. Right and left Common iliac arteries measure cm and cm respectively.

Intima media is intact throughout the aorta from the origin up to bifurcation. No intimal tears, flaps or luminal filling defects seen to suggest dissection.

No evidence of aneurysms, pseudo aneurysms, intra mural hematoma, penetrating aortic ulcers, aortic injury or rupture involving the thoracic and abdominal aorta.

Type I aortic arch is noted. No variations in branching pattern.

Major branches of thoracic and abdominal aorta appear normal. No significant anatomical variations in branching pattern.

Both lung fields appear normal. No B/L Pleural effusions.

Heart and mediastinum appear normal. Trachea and main bronchi are normal.

Liver, spleen and kidneys appear normal in this study. No intra-abdominal free fluid.


  • Normal CT aortic angiogram
  • No CT evidence of acute aortic syndrome or aneurysms