“ Benign and slow growing, these arise from the arachnoid layer. They encircle and grow along the nerve sheath. MRI •  Mass surrounding the intra-orbital optic nerve that enhances more than the nerve itself, ‘tram track’ enhancement.•  Calcification in up to 50%.•  Look for erosion or hyperostosis of the optic canal. ” For Radiology Cases, …


Optic nerve glioma versus meningioma

“ Optic nerve glioma Optic nerve sheath meningioma 80% <20 years of age Middle-aged women Variable enhancement ‘Tram track’ enhancement Calcification rare Calcification in up to 50% Buckling of the nerve (fusiform thickening ) Straight nerve (tubular thickening) Often asymptomatic Visual impairment early ” For Radiology Cases, Discussion join: Radiology Made Easy on Facebook  Subscribe …

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“ Also known as lymphangioma or cystic hygroma, they are the most common vascular orbital tumour. They usually affect children aged 3-15 years and tend to bleed. Bleeds cause sudden proptosis. They are associated with chromosomal abnormalities including Turner syndrome, trisomies and Noonan syndrome. CT •  Multi-cystic lesion with fluid-fluid levels (from recurrent haemorrhage)•  More …


Orbital pseudotumor 848

“ This affects adults and is due to lymphocytic infiltration. It causes a painful, proptosed and paralysed eye. The lacrimal gland is the most frequently affected. It is associated with retroperitoneal fibrosis, Wegener granulomatosis, sarcoidosis and fibrosing mediastinitis. It may affect other parts of the skull base, meninges, nasopharynx, etc. The main differential is lymphoma. …

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Orbital pseudotumour versus Grave disease

“ Pseudotumour Thyroid ophthalmopathy Symptoms Unilateral, painful ophthalmoplegia Bilateral, painless ophthalmoplegia Demographic Young adult females  Old adults Features Isolated involvement of lateral rectus Enhancement of the fat with contrast, fat stranding Involvement of the lacrimal gland Inferior rectus in Graves Increased retro-orbital fat ” For Radiology Cases, Discussion join: Radiology Made Easy on Facebook  Subscribe …

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