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  1. Pilocytic astrocytomas are benign WHO grade I tumors with excellent prognosis with or without therapy.
    • The classic cyst with an enhancing mural nodule appearance can be seen in hal o cases.
    • Solid portions o the tumor are usually T2 hyperintense and CT hypodense without decreased di usion.
    • Per usion imaging is usually hypoper used, although contrastleakageandareaso increasedvascularitycan cause some increase in CBV.
    • MR spectroscopy is paradoxical in that there is elevated choline, decreased NAA, and the presence o lactate, although ratios o choline to NAA are lower than ormalignanttumors.
    • Most common locations include the cerebellum > around the third ventricle > optic pathway and hypothalamus > brainstem.

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