Introduction to the Profession – Yale Radiology Panel Discussion

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Panelists include: Dr. Annemaire Boustani (Nuclear Medicine), Dr. Julius Chapiro (Radiology Resident), Dr. Rob Goodman (Pediatric Radiology), Dr. Regina Hooley (Breast Imaging), Dr. Risa Kent (Ultrasound) and Dr. Cicero Silva (Pediatric Radiology).

The Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging participated in the Yale School of Medicine course “Introduction to the Profession”. This 2-week course occurs at the beginning of medical school and provides first-year students with a variety of hospital immersion experiences. The following video showcases the popular “Radiology Panel” portion of our session where students have an opportunity to ask questions to our residents and faculty.

Jump to a specific question: (time stamp provided below)
1:43 What is the present and future of Radiology?
5:33 How will the upcoming technologies like AI will affect the human component in Radiology and Biomedical Imaging?
8:19 What drove you to choose between pediatric Radiology or adult Radiology?
15:47 What does your day-to-day life look like as Radiologist?
27:55 How often are the diagnosis that you make are given directly to the patient/family or given to another physician that will deliver that diagnosis?
31:21 What proportion of your time is spent on Clinical time vs Research time?
32:33 Is the Department of Radiology doing any International work at the moment?
36:28 How do you guys work with the PET department and how different is that from your routine and how closely you interact with them?

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