Cystic lesions of the maxilla and mandible

ask yourself three questions: what is the relation to the tooth? Is it a unilocular or multilocular cyst? How old is the patient?
Cyst characteristic Differential
Unilocular, related to the dentition Periapical/radicular cyst (painful)
Dentigerous cyst (at the crown of an unerupted tooth)
Unilocular, not related to dentition less than 30 years of age: odontogenic keratocyst, simple bone cyst
>40 years of age: ameloblastoma, metastases, myeloma
Multilocular cyst less than 30 years of age: aneurysmal bone cyst or odontogenic keratocyst

Multiple cysts: odontogenic keratocyst, Gorlin syndrome
>30 years of age: ameloblastoma


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