Central nervous system lesions in HIV and AIDS

Location Abnormality
HIV encephalitis Diffuse, bilateral, symmetrical
Periventricular white matter lesions
Diffuse atrophy
Patchy T2
White matter vacuolation
No contrast enhancement
Toxoplasmosis Basal ganglia
Corticomedullary junction
Multiple enhancing lesions, tT2 and diffusion-weighted imaging
Mass effect
Vasogenic oedema
Primary central nervous system lymphoma Deep white matter
Cortex/peri ventricular location
Corpus callosum
Solid/rim enhancement
Crosses midline
Lesions iso-/hyper-intense on T2
Fungal encephalitis Basal ganglia Pseudocysts of CSF density
Minimal oedema
Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy White matter Multifocal demyelination
No oedema
Tuberculosis Corticomedullary regions Target lesions
Dural enhancement


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